Big club, small teams

We are the largest interim, consultancy and project management company in the Netherlands. But it never feels too big. We believe in the power of team spirit. Together you can achieve more, get better, stay sharper, discover your new paths, discover new matches and improve performance. That is why we work in compact teams, built around a field, a sector or an innovation.

Great Place to Work

As Team EIFFEL, we can contribute to the well-being of our people. Both mentally and physically. Work plays an important role in the lives of our colleagues, and we therefore strive for optimal work happiness for everyone. By seeking assignments that match qualities, motivations, ambitions, and values. By developing talents. By encouraging a good balance between work and private life. And by making sports and vitality part of working at Team EIFFEL. That's why we are proud to receive the Great Place to Work certificate.

"I can develop myself in the best way possible here and at my own pace."




"At Balance, I have been able to develop into a highly experienced professional."


Project/Proces Manager


"In the Fagro Development Program you learn how to get people engaged in change."


Consultant II


"My current assignment is exactly what I was looking for."


Process Lead


"Getting Opportunities, Seeing Opportunities, Seizing Opportunities."


Principal Consultant Finance & Risk


Community of expertise

We are home to a huge spectrum of knowledge and different levels of experience. For top talents taking their first steps on their career path, experienced consultants who have a proven track record, and everyone in between. Once you’re part of the community, your development potential is limitless. Our companies all have their own identity, you get to discover which path best suits you. Develop yourself into a super specialist, discover the breadth of your field or get to know completely new domains. Job-hopping under the one Team EIFFEL roof means you'll never have to leave.


Find the job that suits you

Every company has its own career path.