Talent takes center stage

Our people always come first within Team EIFFEL. Period. Because they are the foundation on which we achieve success. Where we help people grow, the value of Team EIFFEL grows. That belief is the core of our existence.

Everyone's talent is the starting point for a special journey of discovery within the world of Team EIFFEL. A journey through development goals, training, customer organizations, game changing projects, a dynamic community and new or departing team members. Along the way, growth is the goal and our focus is on creating the right environment: if at the end of the journey our people have become the best versions of themselves, we have done well.

But even outside the world of Team EIFFEL, everyone deserves to be able to utilize and develop their own talents and ultimately follow their own path in life. That is why we make a social impact by creating opportunities for people for whom developing talent is certainly not a given.

Learning and development

As a project, consultancy and interim organization, the development of our people is key. Learning, discovering and growing together in our communities is our common goal. By investing in development we become more attractive as an employer and cooperation partner.

With us, all colleagues have plenty of opportunities to develop, regardless of age, experience or position. With a wide range of learning offerings, tailor-made development programs and support such as performance managers, mentors and personal coaching, we lay the foundation for limitless growth. Our large community makes job hopping within our network possible, allowing colleagues to take a look behind the scenes of the country's largest and most impactful organizations in virtually every sector.

Team EIFFEL Academy

The Team EIFFEL Academy is our central learning institute, where we strive for the best community of expertise and talent. Here, colleagues get access to an extensive range of physical and online training courses, compiled in collaboration with leading learning institutes in the Netherlands. This dynamic offering is continuously supplemented based on needs, so that colleagues can take charge of their own development.

Good employer practices

At Team EIFFEL we see our organization as a home where our people find everything they need for their life and career. We strive for a safe place where talent can develop optimally. Our house offers a warm environment with all the necessary expertise under one roof, where the door is always open. For us, this is an important characteristic of good employment practices.

We work with a uniform organizational structure, Team of Teams, in which we operate as a large but close-knit network of compact teams. This enables our consultants to build a bond with each other, while we are still large enough to excel and innovate together with clients.

Elite sports, Vitality & Fun
At Team EIFFEL we believe that an inspiring working environment is essential for getting the best out of ourselves. At team level we encourage fun, friendship and connection, while at company level we organize various activities, such as drinks, parties and company events. Our office locations are designed so that everyone feels welcome, whether for work, relaxation or informal meetings. We believe that fit people perform better, so we provide inspiration and support in the areas of exercise, nutrition, sleep and mental health. Through our 'Vitality Challenges', colleagues can discover new sports, guided by (former) top athletes, while we also collaborate with the Topsport Community for inspiration in the field of nutrition, sleep and mental training. We also have talent coaches on board who guide our people through career path challenges.

Long-term employment
We strive for long-term relationships with our consultants by offering an extensive career path with room for development, discovery and innovation. With our 'Free Flow of Talent' concept, consultants can freely choose their next step within Team EIFFEL, allowing them to grow their talent and expertise. We see this as a win-win situation in which knowledge, network and team spirit are retained within our organization, while our people receive financial security and room for personal growth.

EIFFEL Foundation

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to get the best out of themselves. In other words: to allow his or her talents to develop. We also see that this is not self-evident for everyone in our society. With the EIFFEL Foundation we help these people and by broadening our initiatives we can serve many target groups. This strategy fits with our ambition to exclude no one and the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to develop talents. Some examples:

  • Young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods who grow up with the idea that studying is not an option
  • Adolescents who could not cope with the pressure of studies and who, due to mental problems, have lost touch with school and the labor market and are at risk of becoming (socially) isolated
  • Status holders who cannot easily find a job
  • Young adults who have focused their entire lives on a sports career but didn't quite make it, and now have no alternative
  • Top athletes who lose touch with the labor market after their career


Great Place To Work

Within Team EIFFEL, one community of expertise and talent is being built. Staying in touch with each other about important topics within the organization is of great importance. Since 2023, we have started a sustainable collaboration with Great Place To Work® Netherlands to independently monitor employee satisfaction and initiate projects for continuous improvement.

Thanks to the good scores on the survey, we can officially call ourselves a Great Place To Work. For us, this means confirmation that we are building a beautiful, diverse community with room for everyone's personality, ambitions and talents.

Contributing to well-being

As Team EIFFEL, we can contribute to the well-being of our people – both mentally and physically. Work plays an important role in the lives of our colleagues and we strive for everyone to be as happy as they can be at work. This involves looking for assignments that align with our people in terms of their qualities, motivations, ambitions and values. By developing talent. By promoting a good work-life balance. And by making sport and vitality a part of working in Team EIFFEL.


Want to know more about how we put talent on the central stage? Contact communicatie@teameiffel.nl