Finance professionals with lasting impact

Yet to meet all CSRD requirements? Could use the critical eye of a Risk Manager? Looking for the strategic perspective of a Business Controller? Or do you need general financial support? ConQuaestor finds the best finance professional for the job. Whether it is a trainee or a consultant with over 20 years of experience. From a temporary replacement position to someone who can manage a process of restructuring.

About ConQuaestor

We employ the best, most motivated finance professionals and continuously train them within their desired competence circle: Business & Control, Risk Management & Control, Data Analytics or Sustainability & Control. They take on various projects with leading clients within that specific field.


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Financial expertise

In addition to general knowledge and experience in the field of finance, our highly-educated [JS1] [w2] interim finance professionals also all have their specific areas of expertise. We stimulate them by working with four competence circles. We regularly organise knowledge sessions to keep all our professionals informed, in all areas of expertise.


Accounting and the P&C Cycle - Business Control - Finance Control


Governance: ERM, project risks & ORM - Risk management cycle - Risk culture


Sustainability analysis - ESG reporting - CSRD reporting


Data analysis - Data management - Infographics & Visuals

Working at ConQuaestor

ConQuaestor is a career, not just a temporary project. Who are you, what can you do and what is it that you want to achieve? These are always important questions for finding the ideal match with a project and client. That's how your job grows with you and you continue to get satisfaction from your work!

Create lasting value

Connecting the best finance professionals with the right projects. That's what drives ConQuaestor. Creating lasting value, through temporary means. In an intelligent way, without complicating matters. And by continuing to be involved in the process, eager to learn and entrepreneurial.