A safe environment with integrity

We believe that it is very important to do business with integrity. At the same time, we recognize that this does not happen automatically. That is why we provide the necessary safeguards to maintain the desired standards and culture. Consider, for example, (central) works councils, confidential counselors, complaints regulations, a whistleblower scheme and safe use of company data, but also an active policy on inquiring about employee satisfaction; In 2023, Team EIFFEL started a long-term collaboration with Great Place To Work. In addition, delivering quality is of paramount importance to Team EIFFEL. By certifying various business processes, we guarantee high-quality services to all our internal and external stakeholders.

Diversity, inclusion and equality

We think it is important that everyone at Team EIFFEL can be themselves and have equal opportunities. Everyone belongs in our organization: we are proud that so many personalities, backgrounds, expertise and talents come together in our community. Diversity is also a means to increase our impact: more different talents and expertise lead to more insights and views, and therefore to more innovation and better solutions.

We strive every day to not only be an inclusive organization on paper, but also to act intrinsically towards this together. An example of inclusivity at Team EIFFEL is that 73% of our employees have a permanent contract.

Equal pay for equal performance is an important value within Team EIFFEL. We therefore actively monitor the starting salaries of men and women, so that they remain the same and do not deviate. The male/female distribution within Team EIFFEL is approximately 55/45, within management the number of women is slightly greater than the number of men.

Unbiased hiring

Unbiased hiring, no more than normal for us. Our recruitment department attaches great importance to this. This means that every applicant receives equal treatment, free from prejudice or discrimination based on personal characteristics. We ensure a fair and inclusive recruitment process by assessing candidates solely based on skills, experience and suitability for the role.

There are significant benefits to adhering to this policy. We strive for a work environment that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion. Welcoming diverse backgrounds and perspectives creates fruitful discussions and innovative ideas that lead to more effective solutions to the challenges we face. Diversity not only promotes innovation, but also strengthens our ability to respond creatively and flexibly to an ever-changing world.

Integrity risks

Team EIFFEL has a zero-tolerance policy regarding compliance and integrity risks. In addition, we encourage our business ethical principles during onboarding and organize an annual informative, interactive session in this area. In addition, we are an open, transparent organization in which an opinion or dissent can and may be expressed. Respect for each other is important. We believe it is important to maintain this climate and safeguard this through complaints procedures, confidential counselors, regulations for responsible drug and alcohol use and a biannual RI&E (Risk Inventory and Evaluation). For the future, we are making an inventory of how we can set up a whistleblower scheme.

Safeguarding quality

Quality is one of the distinguishing values ​​of Team EIFFEL. This is reflected in everything: we provide high-quality services to our employees as well as to our customers, suppliers and partners. To reinforce this, the labels have quality certificates, read which certificates these are on the page below.


Want to know more about how we conduct our business ethically? Send us your question through communicatie@teameiffel.nl