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Assist clients with recruitment, recruitment marketing and labour market communication. Through temporary positions. Or implementing a new strategy. That's what YOBZ does. The objective? To put recruitment on the map as a profession!

About YOBZ

One partner for all your recruitment matters. Whether it’s the preparation and implementation of an employer branding strategy, talent sourcing or selecting and implementing an ATS. All YOBZ professionals have a big heart for recruitment and like to bring their knowledge and passion to their clients.


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years of experience in recruitment

From employer branding to onboarding

Where do you find those rare IT talents? And how can you best recruit internal candidates? YOBZ professionals do not shy away from any recruitment request! YOBZ works in various industries that all face their own challenges.

Interim Talent Sourcing

Our recruiters know exactly which channels to utilise to find the right candidate, how to write strong job vacancy texts and how to ask the right questions to achieve the perfect match.

Interim Recruitment

The recruitment profession holds no secrets for us. Every assignment is different. From full cycle operational recruitment to ATS implementation. We help clients move forward with recruitment.

Interim Recruitment Marketing

Our Interim Recruitment Marketeers work on various projects with different clients. For example, implementing an Employer Branding strategy, setting up target group campaigns or managing a new way of working on-site.

YOBZ Academy

YOBZ professionals are continuously working on their personal development. From the NEXZT Traineeship and the Young Professional Program to master classes and personal training.

Working at YOBZ

Working at YOBZ, the interim recruitment agency in the Netherlands. This involves a variety of assignments, combining work and fun with 60 colleagues. Getting the best out of yourself and your colleagues every day. By sharing knowledge and coaching each other.

YOBZ professionals feel at home

Taking responsibility from start to finish, and beyond. The recruitment or marketing budget? YOBZ professionals handle it as if it were their own budget. And if one of them doesn’t know the answer to a question? Then they fall back on each other and their mutual knowledge. You could say clients have the backing of 75 professionals, all at the same time.