Contributions to society

We work with organisations that bring value to society. Whether it’s government departments, energy companies, healthcare institutions or many other organisations, they are all in a position to shape the future of the Netherlands. And with our people working alongside them, we are also able to make our own contributions. We share our knowledge and expertise to help these organisations work in sustainable and future-proof ways.


Contributing to well-being

As Team EIFFEL, we can contribute to the well-being of our people – both mentally and physically. Work plays an important role in the lives of our colleagues and we strive for everyone to be as happy as they can be at work. This involves looking for assignments that align with our people in terms of their qualities, motivations, ambitions and values. By developing talent. By promoting a good work-life balance. And by making sport and vitality a part of working in Team EIFFEL.

Taking care of our planet

We try to go for the most sustainable choice in everything we do. Separating waste, an energy-neutral office, a vehicle fleet that is largely electric, working with sustainable suppliers – these are all examples of consciously sustainable choices. We also encourage our employees to make sustainable choices, such as by working at home regularly.

Making an impact outside of our organisation

We strongly believe that beyond the world of Team EIFFEL, everyone deserves to have the opportunity to fully unleash and develop their talents in order to find their own way in life. By creating opportunities for people who may not find it easy to realize their potential, we strive to make a difference in society and create a social impact.

We achieve this with our partners

CO2 Performance Ladder

In our mission to make the Netherlands sustainable and future-proof, we also focus on making our own business operations more sustainable. To reinforce this, we opt for certification on the CO2 Performance Ladder. The CO2 Performance Ladder is an instrument - consisting of five steps - that helps us gain insight into our CO2 emissions and helps us reduce these emissions.

CSR annual report 2022

As a forward-thinking organization, we at Team EIFFEL have a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. When creating value for our customers, employees and partners, we also take into account the impact on society and the environment. Our annual report is a transparent and comprehensive representation of our CSR efforts, results and commitment to sustainability over the past year and forms the basis for our plans to further increase our impact in the coming year.